CYBISPorcelains that Fire the Imagination

Lybian Women in Window
Mixed media (oil & cement) c.1932

Peasant Heads
Oil painting on canvas

TAOS "Tribal Dancer"
Pastel color drawing


The Painter
Boleslaw Cybis, a brilliant, intense, colorful man, ranged like a Viking through the entire world of art. His paintings, sculptures, and murals won him recognition in Paris, Geneva, Munich, Frankfurt, Moscow and St. Petersburg, Bucharest and Vienna. Whether in his native Poland, Old Russia, or on the Golden Horn, whatever he designed attracted the connoisseur.  

From 1926-1930 he became fascinated by the peasants of the country side whom he likened to 15th century medieval portraits of the masters. Over the next four years he painted a series of peasant portraits now in various museum collections. During the 1930's his work first appeared by invitation in fine art exhibits and museums in the United States, where the STUDIO MAGAZINE (Contemporary... Masters," April 1934) found his paintings "a striking example... reminiscent of Leonardo da Vinci." In 1932 he lived in Libya, Tripoli, where some of his finest canvases were painted. Here he painted experimentally with cement. Over the next few years he exhibits paintings at the Brooklyn Museum of Art, at Museums in Chicago and Dayton, Ohio as well as in the International Exhibition of Paintings at Carnegie Institute, Pittsburgh and the Albright Gallery in Buffalo, NY. Cybis was invited to exhibit his work at major cities on both sides of the Atlantic. His ceiling mural was awarded the Grand Prix at the International "Art and Technique" in Paris. 

In 1939 Boleslaw Cybis and his wife, Marja, an accomplished artist in her own right came to the United States to paint a series of murals commissioned by their government in the "Hall of Honor" at the New York World's Fair. Here he completed tow frescos: "Poles Fighting for American Independence" and "Central Industrial District and Gdynia" Also shown at the fair was the textured tapestry rug, "Walking through a Park", deisgned by Boleslaw and Marja Cybis. He then toured the U.S., sketching and painting Native American Indians. 

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