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Barbara Bush awarded USO "Woman of the Year"

Former First Lady receives Cybis "Liberty"

Barbara Bush

The United Service Organizations was founded in New York, at the request of President Franklin D. Roosevelt on February 4, 1941 to provide human services to a greatly expanding defense establishment.

Today, the USO perpetuates that historic mandate by being a beacon of help, shining out to the entire military community, from the youngest man or woman in basic training or boot camp, to Hospitalized Veterans of World War I, World War II, Korea, Vietnam and, most recently, Operation Desert Storm.

Every year, the USO honors a "Woman of the Year" for her outstanding service and dedication to the cause. Pictured above, former First Lady Barbara Bush is presented with the famous "LIBERTY" sculpture by Theresa Rose, Cybis President at New York's Plaza Hotel. Other past USO winners and Cybis "LIBERTY" recipients have been Brooke Shields, Mrs. Douglas MacArthur, Mrs. Cornelius Vanderbilt Whitney, Betty Ford, Lady Bird Johnson, Helen Hayes and Mary Martin.

A similar sculpture, Liberty II is available for your collection, in our 
Hall of Fame Collection.

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