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Bob Hope

The Court Jester was a familiar figure at royal courts during medieval times. Sometimes known as the king's fool, his role was to offer both wit and wisdom to his sovereign. To mark his 75th birthday, entertainer Bob Hope was presented with a specially decorated version of the Cybis Court Jester bearing the inscription "The Jester's Jester." An avid Cybis lover, Mr. Hope was  again presented with yet another fitting sculpture "Harlequin" for yet another birthday. Both of these Cybis sculptures are limited editions, and are no longer on our active price list. 

If you are interested in obtaining  "Harlequin,"  "Court Jester," or any other retired Cybis sculptures, please contact our Porcelain Locator in our Research Dept. at



Harlequin 15-1/2"  

Court Jester 15 - 1/2"

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