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America's oldest existing art porcelain studio, Cybis is recognized as one of the world's foremost creators of fine porcelain art. In a world increasingly filled with automated similarities, Cybis remains steadfast in its commitment to create porcelain art in the tradition of the great studios of China and Europe.

Early China
The heritage of porcelain art is an old one. When the early European explorers returned from their travels in the Orient with examples of Chinese porcelain, the western world was enchanted by this mysterious white substance. In fact, it was one of those early explorers who gave porcelain its name. Marco Polo, fascinated by its purity, named it porcellano after the smooth shiny seashells found along the shores of the Mediterranean.

Just how porcelain was created was a secret closely guarded by the Chinese. For many centuries porcelain was available in the West only to those willing to undertake the arduous journey to the East or wealthy enough to pay the price demanded by the traders who did.

Secret Formula
The discovery of the secret of porcelain's creation in the West may be attributed in part to a nobleman - Augustus the Strong, King of Poland and Elector of Saxony, whose love of porcelain was so great that he erected a special palace to house his extensive collection of oriental porcelains. Hoping to learn the eastern secret of its creation, Augustus offered protection and work space to an alchemist, Johann Bottger. In 1709 Bottger discovered that the Chinese secret was combining several types of clay with a special one called kaolin and firing the results at extremely high temperatures. Thus began the great Meissen porcelain studio whose creations today are in major collections throughout the world.


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